Digital Matters has been launched by former WB Games marketing director Spencer Crossley. According to the publisher, one of its goals is to solve the “marketing problem” for indie games.

Digital Matters describes its mission as putting marketing in front, giving small indie teams the treatment of AAA studios and global franchises, as well as helping them find their audiences across the globe.

It was co-founded by Spencer Crossley and Mark Reed, the director of marketing agency Heaven Media.

“Through funding for development, marketing expertise, and a wealth of publishing experience, we have the facilities to create success stories, and to get the best out of games and developers,” Spencer Crossley said.

The publisher’s first signed developer is Redcatpig Studio. It is now working on PvP vehicle combat game KEO.

Digital Matters is headquartered in the UK but also has offices across Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia.