Genshin Impact has been finally released on Tencent’s Android store. According to the latest reports, miHoYo reached a cooperation with the Chinese tech giant. It includes not only different promotional activities but also a reduced commission.

Genshin Impact

On September 21, miHoYo released version 2.1 of Gensin Impact on Tencent’s MyApp. The game has already generated 660,000 downloads on the store, GameLook reports.

The full terms of the partnership remain undisclosed. Genshin Impact was featured on the store’s front page, and miHoYo reportedly will be able to get 70% of the title’s revenue.

Genshin Impact’s page on the MyApp store

It is a huge win for the Chinese market where third-party Android stores dictate their own terms and set a higher commission since Google Play is officially banned in the country. A lot of companies, including Tencent, offer a 50/50 revenue split, which is a lot higher compared to Google’s and Apple’s terms.

That’s why miHoYo initially decided to publish and distribute Genshin Impact outside the stores of companies like Tencent, Huawei, and Xiaomi. In February, the studio, however, entered the agreement with Xiaomi, which used Genshin Impact to promote Mi 11. According to GameLook, miHoYo also managed to negotiate a 70/30 revenue split in its favor.

The fact that the studio is now able to reach partnerships on such favorable terms speaks a lot of Genshin Impact’s influence in the Chinese market. During the first week of September 2021, the game generated $55.7 million in the country (excluding third-party Android stores).

As Kantan Games CEO Serkan Toto noted in January, “with Genshin Impact, miHoYo has set a major precedent: an independent Chinese studio can launch a global mega-hit from one day to the next, even without Tencent‘s help.”