SocialPeta rolled out its latest report 2021 H1 Global Mobile App Marketing Whitepaper. The report looks at the number of advertisers in mobile games, the number of creatives per game, and CPC trends on Facebook.

Global mobile market overview

According to SocialPeta’s findings, H1 2021 saw 18K average monthly mobile game advertisers. For comparison, there were 70K monthly average non-game app advertisers. The number of advertisers in April was the largest, with a total of over 93K. It increased 5.79% compared with the H2 2020.

H1 2021 global mobile ad market overview

In H1 2021, the total number of advertisers in mobile games exceeded 38K. They collectively launched 19.3 million creatives. Each advertiser ran 504 creatives on average. This indicates a 183% increment compared to H1 2020.

As for non-gaming apps, in H1 2021, there were over 129K advertisers that collectively launched around 28.3 million creatives. Each advertiser placed 368 creatives on average, a 39% increase in contrast to H1 2020. 

H1 2020 vs H1 2021 global mobile ad market overview

The report also looks into ad placement trends in mobile games at launch. On average, 80 ads go into launching a title, around 300 ads are placed within the first three months of getting the mobile game into the market. The most active advertisers can launch around 1,000 creatives in Year 1. 

Creatives by platform

Google beats Apple with 58,17% of advertisers and 55,81% of ad creatives.

Creatives by genre

The largest amount of creatives on Facebook was placed in RPG (13,7%) and puzzle games (11,76%).

Creatives by genre

FB cost trends

Facebook’s news feed average CPC was at $1.89, up 128% YoY.

However, the average CPM was $14.71, up 128% YoY.

The average CTR was 1.78%, up 80% YoY. 


FB cost trends

Global top 30 mobile games advertisers

SocialPeta ranked the 30 leading advertisers, with most of them stemming from Chinese developers, accounting for over 70%.

30 leading advertisers in H1 2020

You can download the full version of the report here.