A former Xsolla programmer has filed a statement of claim with one of Perm’s courts, demanding that the company’s CEO Aleksandr Agapitov should reinstate them in their job and compensate for the lost salary. The claimant also seeks one million rubles (over $13,500) in moral damages.

Xsolla CEO Aleksandr Agapitov

The ex-programmer’s lawyer shared the statement of claim with the press, including the local outlet properm.ru. The name of the claimant has not been disclosed.

The programmer was fired on August 13 among more than 150 employees deemed “unengaged and unproductive.” The mass layoff caused controversy, with employees claiming they had been unaware of how the company measured their performance. The letter from the CEO explaining that the decision to let them go was made based on ther “activities in Jira, Confluence, Gmail, chats, documents, dashboards” also drew criticism, as the affected employees felt this was not reflective of their efficiency. Multiple insensitive statements Agapitov made following the announcement didn’t help either.