The mobile entertainment market is on the march!

According to the forecasts of analysts from Global Industry Analysts (GIA), by 2018, the volume of the mobile entertainment market on a global scale will reach $67.6 billion.

The main driving forces of development today are “insatiable consumer appetites” for “on-the-go entertainment” and the further active penetration of smartphones and other portable devices into the everyday life of users. In addition, the factors stimulating the growth of the market are technological advances implemented in new products and carried out against the background of the expansion and improvement of the infrastructure of mobile communications.

The authors of the Mobile Entertainment: A Global Strategic Business Report report included music, games, online TV and video, gambling, “adult” content, etc. in the concept of “mobile entertainment”. According to analysts from GIA, the most promising segment of this market is music, followed by games in terms of importance and prospects.


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