Seoshi App Store Analytics

It occurred to me that there are so many abstruse conclusions based on data taken from nowhere that I also wanted to build my own statistics.

Why am I worse? moreover, the data is very real and anyone can check me. And so a scientific study: which indie developers generate the largest number of programs on the upstore?It is not difficult to notice that Denis and Romanov are ahead of the whole planet – together they have almost 14,000 pieces!

And Stas are not good fellows (only no offense, guys %))

ZY. There is Olga in the list, but I left her, because she has already been counted and the data has been collected %)

By the way, the data is quite real, I took it from the upstore using a custom search from Google. It wasn’t long ago that I needed to pull the programs that were created by our developers, and preferably “indie”, well, for one thing, the data turned out %)

Z.Z.Y. There is a plate in width did not fit, here the visivik is not ideal in the editor, so here is a link to the entire table

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