This unique Nintendo Wii was made almost 11 years ago as part of a marketing campaign. It also comes with a golden controller and one game.

The 24K gold-plated Wii has been listed on eBay by collector Donny Fillerup who somehow managed to get this rare item. His “ultimate dream” was, of course, to sell it for $1 million, but he decides to be a “little bit reasonable.”

“I believe the price can be less or could be even more,” Fillerup told “I already got loads of questions and comments on this item as we speak. Like I said before, I’m pretty attached to my stuff, it’s hard to let an item go, especially to an auction house that is not my collecting-cave.”

The story of this extravagant and exclusive device goes back to 2009 when THQ commissioned the creation of a golden Nintendo Wii to promote its title BIG Family Games. The console was delivered to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.