WN China kicks off April 26. The hybrid show will strongly focus on China’s video games market, its game developers, publishers, leading services and platforms. The speakers will include representatives of NetEase, Cocos, Huawei, Niko Partners and other companies.

The China-centered event will be split into two segments: an online-only show and an offline expo and conference. 

The online-only segment will run April 26 through 28. The in-person part, WN Shanghai Offline, will take place May 13-14, with the event streaming live from Shanghai.

Here’s a quick look at some of the talks expected at the event. While centered around China, the program also includes topics relevant for other markets.

WN China Online

April 26

  • What We Can Learn from Chinese Game Developers? Vincent Low, CEO, Potato Play will discuss the game development lessons we can learn from Chinese studios that manage to thrive in one of the most competitive markets in the world.
  • Panel Discussion: MENA & China. Featuring speakers from Falafel Games, Tamatem, Babil Games and Cafe Bazaar, the panel is digging deeper into the cooperation between the MENA region and China so far, and what it will look like in the coming years.

April 27

  • Panel Discussion: Decoding the No-One-Size-Fits-All Model of Cross-Border Game Publishing. Folks from AppInChina, AppsFlyer, Yoozoo US Corp, DLA Piper and App Annie will aim to decode what would and could truly work publishing your Chinese game abroad (and vice-versa) — from monetization methods, gameplay adjustments to messaging. If you have aspirations of publishing your Chinese game abroad (and vice-versa), this is the right panel for you.
  • iGi, the First Game Incubator in Japan: How Can We Work Together? Sho Sato, Co-Founder & Secretary General, indie Game incubator, will highlight Japan’s indie game scene and how it can work with international game industry stakeholders.

April 28

  • Targeted Approaches to Casual Game Market in China. Sunny Yuan, Lead of Global Business Development, Ohayoo, will dissect China’s casual game market and targeted solutions it offers for developers of all sizes.
  • My Most Expensive Mistakes as the CEO. Vladimir Funtikov, Co-Founder, Creative Mobile, will discuss his experience running a growing company through the lens of mistakes that were corrected before they killed the business.

WN Shanghai Offline

May 13

  • Chinese Games Going Global. Bin Dai, Senior Regional Director, Greater China, App Annie, will review the top markets and genres that contributed the most downloads and consumer spend in 2020, and discuss sub-genres that have large potential for Chinese gaming companies to discover.
  • Seizing the Moment: Seasonal Changes in the Asian Market and the Best Times to Monetize and Acquire Your Users. Leon Zhong, Head of Gaming Business Development, Pangle, will unveil the mysteries in peaks of revenue and ad spend in the Asian market.

May 14

  • Art, Design & Tech Collaboration in AAA productions. Alexis Argyriou, Art Director, NetEase Games, will explain how to manage a collaboration between artists, designers and technical people in modern AAA game production.
  • The Polarized Industry Under ISBN and Successful Game Stories in the West. Huabin Ling, Technical Director, Cocos, will discuss why so many Chinese developers are creating games for the West and what games have become big hits. Expect tips and tricks as to why these games won and why others didn’t make it.

The full program is available here.

For online-only experience, you can register here. If you are planning to attend the offline part as well, you can register here.