People that use Discord are highly engaged and hardcore gamers, who are more likely to use subscription services. That’s why the potential deal could boost Microsoft’s Game Pass ambitions.

Piers Harding-Rolls from analytics firm Ampere wrote a column for VGC, based on the company’s survey. He thinks that acquiring Discord will help Microsoft get access to a “large group of commercially valuable, enthusiast gamers that are particularly active on devices beyond its core market reach and an audience.”

Here are some other notable data:

  • 42% of internet users between 16 and 64 years old have used Discord in the last year. 38% of Discord users play on multiple devices, preferring both premium and F2P games.
  • Discord will let Microsoft get access to a more engaged and hardcore audience, as 56% of its users admitted that video games are their main hobby.
  • The acquisition of Discord will allow Microsoft to boost its Game Pass ambitions and make a shift to a service-based games business.
  • Discord users are more likely to use games subscription services, as well as platforms like Netflix and Disney+. It fits well with Microsoft’s strategy.
  • Ampere also notes that Discord will allow Microsoft to have a better understanding of gamers’ behavior on other platforms and devices, as 79% of Discord users admitted to playing on PlayStation in the last year.

Reports about the potential acquisition first appeared last month. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft plans to buy Discord for $10 billion, although no deal is imminent yet.