MY.GAMES published research of Russia’s video games market. The company estimated its volume for 2020 at 163.4 billion rubles ($2.2 billion).

In 2019, the volume of the Russian video games market amounted to 121.3 billion rubles (around $1.87 billion, given an average dollar exchange rate for 2019 of 64.6 rubles). The games industry in the country continues to show growth, and the pandemic only made it faster.

Key data from the report

  • Mobile games market saw the highest growth of 39% year-over-year — to 67.1 billion rubles (around $895 million, given an average dollar exchange rate for 2020 of 71.94 rubles);
  • PC games market increased by 34% YoY — to 81.9 billion rubles (around $1.13 billion);
  • Console market is still quite small in Russia. It increased by 20% YoY — to 14.4 billion rubles (around $200 million);
  • Free-to-play titles generate 83.3% of total market revenue, while consoles are the only place where premium games earn much more than F2P.