Pitching a game to publishers may be a huge problem. To help indie developers, Sony has released a guide on how to better present your project to PlayStation and increase chances to get a partnership deal.


First of all, you need to register on the PlayStation Partners website, choose a partnership type, and fill in information about your studio/company.

Sony says that making the Project Plan (or “elevator pitch,” as the company calls it) is one of the most important steps. Instead of going deep into the details of the game, developers should provide information about the style, release timing, platform plans, and a couple of the game’s key features.

Developers, whose applications are approved by Sony, gain access to the platform’s backend tools. However, becoming a PlayStation partner doesn’t guarantee that your game will be published or fully supported by Sony. That’s when an indie studio may need a more detailed pitch.

Key pitching tips from Sony

  • Provide a brief description of a game, highlighting its features and things that make it unique and suitable for PlayStation.
  • Introduce your team to let Sony know who is working on a game and what their backgrounds are.
  • The best way to present a game to a publisher is to provide a working prototype or a build. If your project is at earlier stages of development, you can show some gameplay footage, in-engine capture, or concept art. As Sony points out, a “picture, or even better, a build speaks a 1000 words.”
  • The company also advises indie developers to answer a few business-related questions. For example, target platforms besides PS, marketing timeline, business model (premium, F2P, GaaS, etc.), plans for post-launch support, and target markets and languages. It will help the publisher better understand your creative vision and development strategy.

Sony also notes that getting a publishing deal isn’t always the best option. The company is ready to find other ways to support indie developers on their way. You can find a full guide on Sony’s official website.