Smartphone Game from App Annie

The Russian mobile app market is one of the fastest growing in terms of profit,” say App Annie analysts, who published a chic infographic today under the uncomplicated title “Smartphone Game”.

Doesn’t it remind you of something? Infographic one-on-one world map from the famous series of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” by Roger Martin, the first volume of which is called “Game of Thrones”. Actually, the allusions are obvious. By the way, the company’s previous infographics were also not devoid of references to modern popular culture.  

What you should pay attention to:

1. China and Japan account for 25% of iOS profits. In other words, Asia accounts for a quarter of the iPhone and iPad mobile market. Android, in turn, although very common in the East, but it “cuts coupons” mainly in the West.

2. The USA, Great Britain (WB) and Japan generate more profit than the rest of the world. The conclusion is simple: if you want to make money on mobile apps, focus on these markets. 

3. Google Play is growing very actively in Brazil. Over the past year alone, revenues from this market have grown by a fantastic 88%.

4. iOS is actively growing in Russia. Not as active as Google Play in Brazil, but 17% is also a good figure. 

5. For every dollar that Google Play earns, there are two and a half dollars in iOS. 

6. The revenue growth rates for iOS and Android are the same.

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