The winners of Grand HTML5 Contest have just been announced during HTML5 Game Developer Day.

Best HTML5 game

Across the two key nominations, match3 title Skydom from PecPoc has been named the best HTML5 game by Xsolla, while Belka Games Choice award went to PvP strategy game Like a King from LAK Games.

Skydom from PecPoc

PecPoc has won $10,000 from Xsolla. In addition to the monetary prize, the studio will get business support and marketing assistance including the launch of a campaign on Twitch.

Like a King from LAK Games

LAK Games will get $5,000 from Belka Games.

Below are the winners in other categories:

Best technology/middleware

  • World of Machines / GFX Engine by GFX

GFX will now get support from Xsolla with finding investments and scaling the project.

Xscolla also announced that it would provide its services to the top 5 projects across the following nominations:

5 best competitive HTML5 games

  • Blockpost by Skullcap Studios
  • Like A King by LAK Games
  • Moon Clash Heroes by Freeway Interactive
  • by Wondersquad Inc.
  • Wild Strike by Flapix

5 best multi platform HTML5 games

  • Paladin Dream by HitherYon Games
  • WORLDS Builder: Farm & Craft by JoyBits
  • Knights of Fortune by Flying Sheep Studios
  • Oa: Beyond the Maze by Palaputra
  • War Selection by Glyph Worlds

5 best native html5 games

  • Game of Farmers: IDLE. Build your farming empire! by AppyApp
  • Magic World by Overmobile
  • RunOut by RunOut
  • Tilo by Qalamars
  • Witchcrafter: Empire Legends by Dream Hunters