Nearly 40% of the world’s population is gamers. This is according to research firm DFC Intelligence, which found that 3.1 billion play games. Half of them play on mobile.

Key stats from the report:

  • mobile only users are the largest and fastest growing segment;
  • 54% of mobile game enthusiasts live in Asia, 17% in Europe, 11% in Latin America;
  • Asia is also leading for the number of paying gamers with 1.42 billion people spending money on games. Europe is second with 688 million. Then comes Latin America with 383 million. In North America, only 261 people are willing to pay for or in games;
  • only 8% of gamers prefer to play on consoles. But this group has the highest spending per user;
  • 1.5 billion people play on PC. However, this number includes those players who also use consoles and mobile devices.