Frogwares, Ukraine-based developer of the Sherlock Holmes games and The Sinking City, is transitioning to self-publishing.


The Sinking City (2019)

The move only makes sense seeing how last year Focus Home Interactive, the developer’s former publisher, removed Frogwares’ four titles from the console storefronts without giving the title IDs to the creators. That meant that Frogwares had to re-publish and re-certify some of those games, while the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were lost permanently.

However, according to Frogwares CEO Wael Amir, the situation was not the primary reason for the developer to switch to self-publishing. Apparently, the company has been thinking about since 2010s following the arrival of digital distribution.

Over 2 decades on the market, Frogwares has partnered with over 40 companies to “commercialize” their games, but at all times, it has kept the ownership of the IP. Now, says the head of the company, the time has come to bring this strategy of self-reliance one step further.

Amir cites companies like Ninja Theory, Bluehole, 11bit, Techland, CD Projekt, alll “taking the risk of self-publishing and seeing it pay off spectacularly.”