The Russian edition of Forbes published a big article on Playrix. In addition to detailing the history of the company, it provides several interesting figures.

First, the company’s annual revenue is estimated to be $1.7 billion. This is $200 million more than announced by Bloomberg last December. Around 65-70 percent of this comes from the company’s two main titles: Homescapes and Gardenscapes .

The biggest markets for the company today are the USA, China and Japan. At the same time, according to Dmitry Bukhman, one of the founders of Playrix, the games are not specifically adapted for the Chinese market. In fact, he admits that “We don’t know anything about China .”

The second interesting figure  is Forbes’ estimate of the company’s market capitalization. According to the article, the company’s value exceeded $7 billion in mid-February. How that estimate was calculated is not clear.

The original article can be found here.