The confrontation between the Android Market and the Amazon Appstore

Distimo has presented the results of its new study of two mobile application markets: Google Android Market and Amazon Appstore.

Since the Amazon Appstore is represented only in the USA, the study of both markets was conducted only in the States. 

According to the data received by the company:

1. Of all the apps available simultaneously in the Google Android Market and Amazon Appstore, 110 earned at least $200 a day in one of the markets during the last week of January. And of these, 42 apps earned more in the Amazon Appstore than in the Google Android Market. Of the total profit of all 110 applications, 28% came from the Amazon Appstore.

2. The successful launch of the Kindle Fire during the autumn holidays, as well as good sales during the Christmas season, allowed the number of downloads in the Amazon Appstore to grow significantly. The total number of downloads of top-100 applications by December 2011 increased fourteen times (in two months from the start of sales of the Amazon tablet). 

3. 50% of all Amazon Appstore apps are also available in Google Android Market.

4. There are 14 times more apps in the Google Android Market than in the Amazon Appstore, but the latter is rapidly gaining weight. In December and January, the number of new apps in the Google Android Market was only five times less than the number of new apps in the Amazon Appstore.

5. Paid apps in the Google Android Market are in the minority. In the last seven months alone, their number in relation to free applications has decreased from 38% to 32%. But in the Amazon Appstore, the paid ones are the majority. And their ratio to free apps has hardly changed over the past seven months – 65%.

6. The average price of apps from the paid top 100 Amazon Appstore is 40% less than the average price in the paid top 100 Google Android Market. One reason, perhaps, is that Amazon regulates prices from above.

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