Activision Blizzard is about to officially enter the market previously dominated by EA, Bluehole and Epic Games. A Call of Duty battle royale title called Warzone goes live today.


Modern Warfare owners will be able to access the game at 3pm GMT by unlocking the previously closed Warzone panel. All content earned in Modern Warfare will carry over to over to the new title.

Those who do not own a copy of Modern Warfare can download Call of Duty Warzone for free at 7pm GMT.

Developer Infinity Wards made sure the new title is different from other battle royales.

  • First of all, it’ll feature 150 players divided into three teams of 50.
  • Second, death is not necessarily the end of the match as players can return to the battlefield if they win in a 1v1 fight in a gulag where they are taken as “prisoners of Warzone.”

The title is available on Playstation 4 (PS+ not required), PC (through, and Xbox One (Xbox Live Gold required). The game, however, is not coming to PS4 in Russia, where Sony decided not to distribute Modern Warfare following the controversy over the game’s depiction of the Russian forces.

There are two modes:

  • In Battle Royale, you ensure your squad is the last one standing in the fictional city of Verdansk by fighting enemies and escaping the deadly gas.
  • In the Plunder mode, you have to collect the most in-match Cash as fast as possible. You can loot, eliminate enemies to rob them, and complete in-match Contracts.

To traverse the map featuring over 300 points of interest, players can choose from a variety of vehicles.

We’ll be closely following how the latest arrival to the battle royale scene will change the landscape of that market.