Last week, SuperData released a report claiming that Fortnite’s revenue has “hit their lowest level since November 2017.”


Yesterday, Epic Games issued the following statement:

“SuperData does not and has not ever had access to Epic’s Fortnite revenue data, and SuperData’s reports do not accurately reflect Fortnite’s performance.


We are disappointed that SuperData has repeatedly published wildly inaccurate reports about Fortnite based on what we believe is questionable methodology.


While we do not and have not publicly shared revenue numbers for Fortnite, we will say that SuperData’s reports do not align with reality.”

Epic Games via

The Epic representative cautioned, however, that that their statement did not refer to any specific stats provided by the analyst firm.

In response to this, SuperData reached out to and reiterated its conclusions, citing a “proven methodology and validation process.”

Epic obviously hasn’t shared any revenue stats on Fortnite. In March 2019, it has, however, reported how many users played their battle royale.  According to Tim Sweeney, the game had around 250 million registered players 10.8 million concurrents. That was up from 200 million players in December 2018.