While it’s been a while since we heard about any blockbusters among word games, 2020 will be a good year for the genre. Sensor Tower predicts global growth in that category driven by its popularity in emerging markets.


In 2020, Word Game will generate 7 percent more downloads year-over-year on the App Store. On Google Play, word games downloads will be up 31 percent from 2019.



Global revenue of the genre will also grow. On the App Store, word games revenue will be up 18 percent year-over-year. And Google Play will see a 22 percent increase in the niche’s earnings. This will happen despite the fact that the US customers are spending increasingly less on the genre.

Most of this revenue will come from ads.


Asia is the main driver behind this growth. The APAC region specifically will increase its spending on the genre from $57 million in revenue to $93 million, that’s up 63 percent from 20190. Interestingly, this will happen despite the fact that most word games only support English.

Overall, though, word games remain much less popular than casual, action, or RPG titles.