In May, the creators of the Corona engine will shut down due to the losses incurred. Their product will continue to exist as an open source project.


According to Corona Labs’ official website, the company will cease operations on May 1. The decision to close the company was made by its owner, monetization platform Appodeal, as the business’ operating expenses exceeded its revenue.

Game developers will still have access to the Corona engine, and all projects created on it will continue to work. The project itself will now be distributed under a new, simplified license. It involves the unrestricted distribution of apps and games created on Corona.


  • all third-party plug-ins that extend the functionality of the engine will become open source. All will be available on GitHub ;
  • Users can download plugins already purchased before May 1. After that, plugin developers will have to distribute updates themselves, without the help of Corona Labs. In addition, three days ago, the company stopped accepting plug-in submissions to its marketplace;
  • Corona Simulator will turn into an offline tool for all supported platforms;
  • Native and Simulator builds will no longer require a license;
  • for games and apps on the engine, Splash Screen restrictions will be removed.

Some Corona Labs employees will continue to work on the project. They can develop the project if they manage to independently raise funds through Patreon or Github Sponsor. Appodeal will continue to fund infrastructure costs and work with the open source staff to update the Appodeal plugin.

Corona is a cross-platform 2D framework for creating mobile and PC software. Its developer Corona Labs was founded in 2008. In 2017, Appodeal acquired the company and made the engine completely free .