Activision Blizzard will rely on select players to make its marketing strategy more effective. The company has launched a community of users to provide direct feedback though various formats including online surveys. The initiative is called King’s Council.

King’s popular mobile franchise

The update came from Activision Blizzard Media’s Marketing Communications department. Only the mobile segment is mentioned. It’s a safe assumption that the activities of the community will at least cover King titles. The project was called King’s Council for a reason, right?

With King’s Council, the publisher wants to achieve several goals:

  • in-depth study of the opportunities for brands;
  • quickly testing new marketing offers;
  • better understanding of the player and the current trends in the mobile gaming industry.

King’s Council is a way for players to share their feedback and perspectives, ensuring we think holistically about what’s best for players and our marketing partners.

Brian Ames, President of Activision Blizzard Media

Activision Blizzard will itself invite players to participate in the community based on how “active and engaged” they are. No clearer selection criteria were provided.

According to the publisher’s latest financial report, MAU of its games now amounts to 316 million players. King titles account for 247 million of this.