The mobile gaming market is becoming increasingly transparent. Industry tracking firm GameAnalytics has unveiled a new service. It allows you to see what KPIs your game should hit if it is to match the top products on the market.


The service is called Benchmarks+. It allows you to track benchmarks across various metrics. The data is broken down by genre, country, platform, and month. The platform can generate reports for the following metrics:

  • retention (for Day 1, 7 and 28);
  • session length;
  • stickiness
  • time spent in the game (in development);
  • ARPPU;
  • conversion
  • CPI (in development);
  • eCPM (in development);
  • ads LTV (in development).

That’s how it works, more or less: the user selects the metrics of interest, time period, peformance quantile (for example, you can select data for top 5% of products or for average peformers), as well as the genre. After that, the service displays the numbers. All the information is anonymized.


The new service is essentially an interactive and regularly updated version of GameAnalytics reports.

The Benchmarks+ database contains stats on more than 87,000 mobile games from 45,000 studios. Every month, it tracks the activity of 1.2 billion gamers.

Right now, the subscription for 6 months costs $1,750. GameAnalytics reports that in January the price will rise to $ 2,500.