ARPU on Amazon Appstore is higher than on Android Market

According to preliminary data from CrowdStar, the average income from each user in the mobile application market (ARPU) at Amazon is five times more than the same on the Android Market.

Peter Relan, CEO of CrowdStar, the second largest developer of games for Facebook, in his interview with the Inside Mobile Apps blog, said that ARPU from Kindle Fire games is five times more than from Android Market games. The reason, according to Relan, is that Amazon users tend to have credit cards that they use regularly, unlike Android users. 

However, all of Relan’s statements are based on data for a very short period of time: only three weeks have passed since the exclusive launch of Top Girl on Amazon and only a week since the release of the same project on the Android Market. It is also necessary to take into account that the Amazon audience is still very small. According to Peter Relan, at the moment about 4-5 million Kindle Fire have been sold, while Google’s number of activations has exceeded the 200 million bar. In addition, as the authors of the interview note, Crowdstar may have had any agreements with Amazon on the enhanced promotion of Top Girl on Kindle Fire.

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