App Annie’s CEO Ted Krantz announced today the acquisition of analytics firm Libring. The expansion will allow App Annie to deliver mobile market data and advertising analytics side by side.

“So many of you have relied upon us for key metrics, such as downloads, revenue, active users, and retention, validating our role as the industry’s mobile performance standard for nearly a decade. Now, we are investing to earn your trust to deliver customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value of a customer (LTV), return on ad spend (ROAS), and ultimately ROI, so you can focus your investments on your core business — building great mobile consumer experiences,” said Krantz.

According to Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer at App Annie, the company’s expanded portfolio will allow you to:

  • receive an alert about increased CPIs from a top ad network; then, see a breakdown describing which part of the UA funnel drove that increase;
  • receive in-depth reports describing the types of ads, audiences, and networks that provide the best eCPMs (effective Cost per 1,000 Impressions); and then merge that with in-app purchase revenue to get a holistic view of user LTV;
  • connect your LTV with your ad spend to create a full picture of ROAS for the first time.

Following the acquisition, App Annie launched a rebrand to reflect its expanded offering and evolved identity. As part of the rebrand, Krantz unveiled the company’s new gem logomark.


The new logo references gems that players collect in games to level up, which signifies App Annies’ roots in gaming. The gem also symbolizes data units and the high value that data can provide.

Commenting on the new chapter in the company’s history, Ted Krantz added:

“In November of last year, we launched App Annie Labs to accelerate and fuel our product development. In March, we released Mobile Web, which provides unique insights on the mobile customer journey. Also in March, we announced that our ARR surpassed $100 million, and now we are set to dramatically expand the value we deliver to the market. I am proud of all of the App Annie employees who made these milestones possible and am grateful to our customers who turn to us to make vital business decisions.”

App Annie was founded in 2010 and has data on 8 million apps in 125 countries.