GameRefinery estimated the Q2 revenues of gaming genres in the US iOS market. Match 3 is leading by far.

The stats are obtained by Erno Kiiski, Chief Game Analyst at GameRefinery.

The biggest revenue in the US market for iOS games comes from Match 3 titles. This genre accounts for 20% of the market. 5% is singlehandedly generated by King’s Candy Crush Saga.

Match 3 is followed by slots, another casual genre. Slots are responsible for 11.2% of the total revenue.

The top 5 most profitable genres include 4X strategies (9.2%), battle royales (7.8%) and Build & Battle (6.3%). Moreover, the top games in the last two genres – Fornite and Clash of Clans, respectively – are responsible for the same market share as Candy Crush Saga.

Turn-based RPGs rank sixth with a 5.2% share.

The remaining four genres all have a similar revenue. Sandbox games, Puzzle RPGs, AR (location-based) titles and battlers average at around 2.6% of the market.


Image Credit: GameRefinery