The mobile AR games market will sink by 20%

While the mobile games market is sinking by an insignificant 6.6%, the mobile AR games market may lose significantly more by the end of 2022 – as much as 20%.

This is reported by the analytical company Omdia. “The revenues of the mobile AR games market are no longer growing. If last year we noted a slight decrease in them, this year they are approaching a drop of 20%. This is the level of 2019,” the company’s representative said.

The reason for the fall can be called the monocentricity of the niche. There are relatively few projects in it, and the leaders can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And along with the fall of their indicators, the entire market is falling.

Revenue of Pokémon GO by the end of 2022 may fall by 45%, and revenue of Dragon Quest Walk, the second highest-grossing game in the AR niche, by 32%, according to Omdia.


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