RAEC: in 2022, the Russian gaming market sank by 80%

The sanctions have seriously affected the Russian gaming market. According to the results of last year, its volume decreased by 80%, the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) estimated.

Experts did not name the market volume in 2022, but noted that in 2021 it was equal to 99.2 billion rubles. Therefore, we can assume that last year the sales of games in the country amounted to only 19.8 billion rubles.

The RAEC believes that in 2-3 years the domestic market may begin to grow again, and at the same pace. To do this, it is necessary to develop Russian gaming platforms like VK Play, mobile app stores and analogues of software for game development. Support from the authorities is also needed: state investments in Russian studios, the formation of a positive regulatory environment and support for educational programs related to video games and esports.


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