Garth DeAngelis has stepped down from his role as a senior franchise producer at Firaxis. He spent 14 years at the company working on the XCOM series and Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

XCOM franchise producer Garth DeAngelis leaves Firaxis after 14 years

DeAngelis announced his departure on Twitter, thanking players for their love and support.

“I couldn’t have asked for more dedicated teammates in bringing the XCOM franchise and Marvel’s Midnight Suns to life,” he wrote. “Working on these franchises have truly been a dream come true!”

The producer has worked at Firaxis for 14 years. He didn’t reveal what he is going to do next on his journey, but received a lot of support and warm comments from fellow game developers.

“You will be missed, Garth!” Firaxis pipeline producer Jon Jones said. “I’m excited to hear what your next adventure will be.”

“Your passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled Garth and you will be truly missed,” Firaxis video manager Eric Vincent wrote.

Splash Damage senior level designer Darren WeekesDamage thanked DeAngelis and the Firaxis team for being “responsible for the rebirth of a genre.”

Who is Garth DeAngelis?

Despite a long gamedev run, Garth DeAngelis started his career at Bank of America where he worked in management and marketing.

In 2008, he co-founded Deep End Interactive to develop a student indie project titled Winds of Orbis. He served as a game designer, writer, and composer, working on the game together with Ryan Hipple (now a full-stack engineer at Meta’s BigBox VR), Bard McKinley (now a product owner and game designer at Mightier), and Seth Sivak (now the CEO of Blizzard Proletariat).

DeAngelis joined Firaxis in January 2009 as an associate producer and designer. His credits include XCOM: Enemy Unknown (lead producer) and XCOM 2 (senior producer). Since 2019, he has been acting as a product development lead and senior franchise producer, with Marvel’s Midnight Suns being the last project he helped ship.