App Annie talked about the Russian mobile market

At the end of November, at the Mobile VAS & Apps Conference in St. Petersburg, App Annie presented a huge report on the Russian mobile platform market. Today we present it to your attention. 

In fact, the report resonates a little with the recent figures from Distimo, but, nevertheless, reflects the same trend with it: the Russian market is currently one of the most dynamic in the world.

Only from January to September, the number of downloads in the Russian Google Play increased by 66%. The number of downloads from the App Store has also increased, but only by 31%. However, this is not the most curious thing. Google Play already accounts for almost 2/3 of installations from both platforms.   

As for revenue, the App Store is still out of competition. In addition, the dynamics of earnings at the “apple” company in Russia is much higher than the dynamics of downloads. 42% against the already mentioned 31%. 

Again, it is curious that Russia accounts for 2% of the number of global downloads and the same 2% of the global revenue of the platform. For comparison, the share of the USA in downloads is 26%, Europe – 21%, the Pacific segment accounts for a significant 31%, the rest of the world – 20%. 

The situation regarding downloads on Google Play is somewhat different. The Russian market accounts for as much as 4% of global installations with a 2% share of global revenues from the official Android market. Almost half of both downloads and Google Play revenue comes from the Pacific segment. 

Russia is among the top ten countries on both iOS and Google Play in terms of downloads and revenue. 

In terms of revenue growth on iOS, it is also in the top ten. Moreover, it occupies an honorable fifth place. Brazil, Japan, Thailand and Sweden are ahead. 

But in terms of revenue growth on Google Play, our country is not among the top ten leaders, despite the very positive dynamics. However, Brazil too. South Korea is in the first place, followed by Japan and, very curiously, South Africa. 

Actually, there are no comments here.

Also, to raise the overall picture of the market situation, App Annie presented the tops of the most profitable categories in both markets. There were no surprises: gambling turned out to be the most profitable category in terms of income for each installation. On average, from one installation, the publisher of a game belonging to the “casino” category on iOS has $1.77. A similar indicator for card games on Google Play is significantly less – $ 0.64.

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