OpenAI announced DALL-E 3. Neural network integrated into ChatGPT

OpenAI has introduced the third generation of the DALL-E neural network for image generation. One of its key features is integration with the chat bot ChatGPT.

According to OpenAI, the chatbot will help to make more detailed text queries. It will be enough for DALL-E 3 users to freely describe to ChatGPT what image they want to get, and he will prepare the necessary text for the neural network.

OpenAI has also increased the level of control over the generated content. For example, DALL-E 3 will reject requests to create art in the style of living artists. The artists themselves will also be able to prohibit neural networks from learning from their work. In addition, DALL-E 3 will not generate violent, hateful and 18+ content and create images with famous personalities.

ChatGPT users with Plus and Enterprise subscriptions will be the first to get access to DALL-E 3. This will happen in October. By the end of autumn, work with DALL-E 3 will also be available via the API.


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