Charles Cecil: work on the remaster of the first Broken Sword would have been impossible without neural networks

On August 23, Revolution Software announced a remaster of the quest Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars, released in 1996. In an interview with Polygon, the head of the studio and the creator of the series, Charles Cecil, said that the studio would not have taken up the development of an updated version of the game if it had not had the opportunity to use neural networks.

According to Cecil, the original Broken Sword contained 30 thousand hand-drawn sprites on animated and also hand-made backgrounds. Their redrawing was not affordable for the studio, because it required too much time and resources. AI solved this problem.

“Instead of spending an hour on each sprite, we now spend 5-10 minutes,” Cecil said.

Broken Sword Remaster Release: The Shadow of the Templars is scheduled for early 2024.


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