Earns $1950 and uses AI: portrait of a Ukrainian game developer

The GamedevDou portal has compiled a portrait of a Ukrainian game developer. To do this, he interviewed 948 game dev specialists.

According to the results of the survey, it turned out that the majority of employees of the Ukrainian gaming industry are programmers. There are 30% of them. There are slightly fewer game testers and designers/artists in Ukraine — 22% and 16%, respectively. The share of middle-level specialists is 39%, and there are 19% of “seniors” in the country.

89.5% of respondents said that they consider their work interesting. Also, many are satisfied with the size of the salary. Only 19.3% of people reported that they were completely dissatisfied with their income.

According to GamedevDou, over the past six months, the median salary of Ukrainian developers has decreased by $ 50 and amounted to $ 1950. Programmers still earn the most. For example, the median salary of senior-level programmers is $4725, and techlids — $5450. The lowest level of income for testers — novice specialists (junior) receive $ 700, “seniors” — $ 2869.

Also, 50% of Ukrainian developers said that they use artificial intelligence-based tools in their work. Of these, 42% of specialists use ChatGPT. Midjourney (9%), GitHub Copilot (5%), Stable Diffusion (4%), Bing (3%) and DALL-E 2 (2%) are also popular.


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