There is a library of neural networks — AI Library. Allows you to search for a suitable AI for tasks

Startup Phygital+ has launched a library of neural networks. That’s what it’s called — AI Library. The service contains information about more than 1000 tools of “generative artificial intelligence“.

AI Library
Each neural network added to the service has its own page with a small description, a link to the official website and, if available, a list of tutorials or useful materials.

In fairness, there is not much information on the pages in the library (a basic minimum of data is given about each neural network). However, this is quite enough for the starting reserch.

AI Library Functionality
The library allows you to segment tools by:

  • the nature and type of tasks performed by her;
  • the method of reading the request;
  • the method of output of the result;
  • specific tags;
  • industries;
  • the type of monetization.

For example, by selecting the “Gamedev” sector in the “Industry” column, the library offered me more than twenty neural networks. One of them is Opus, which creates ready—made three-dimensional scenes according to the text description.

“We collect not only AI tools, but also collabs and other resources based on ML code.

Thus, everyone, from a beginner to an advanced user, can find what he needs,” Oleg Yusupov, CEO of Phygital+, comments on the work of the neural network.

The library is regularly updated. On the day of publication of the material, pages of three new neural networks appeared on it, including GPT-4, whose announcement took place the day before, on March 14.

Latest AI Library Updates
As for Phygital+, it seems to us that the library is an image project for the company, partly aimed at promoting its commercial product of the same name, which allows working with 20 neural networks through a single visual interface.

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