The mobile role-playing blockbuster from Israile-based developer Plarium has crossed a new threshold. From now on, RAID: Shadow Legends is a revenue colossus that has generated over $1 billion to date.

As reported by Sensor Tower, it took the game three years to hit this mark. RAID: Shadow Legends has been showing impressive results ever since its global launch in 2019, quickly becoming one of the main players in the niche.

Significant numbers like these put it on par with Call of Duty: Mobile, State of Survival, and Lineage 2M. All these games were also published in 2019 and also crossed the billion dollar checkpoint.     

If we are talking about nowadays, the game generated about $155 million in the first six months of 2022. It made it the No.12 mobile RPG worldwide by revenue. According to analysts, it is also the No.2 revenue-generating game in the squad RPG subgenre. 

Taking these results into account, RAID: Shadow Legends is now the highest-grossing game in the Plarium midcore family. Another chart-topping hit in its portfolio is 4X strategy Vikings: War of Clans, which generated $541 million in seven years.