Mobile publisher Voodoo has launched its own academy, a special training program aimed at hyper-casual developers. Students will also receive different prizes if they hit different milestones during the learning process.

Voodoo Academy includes an online platform with courses, live coaching sessions, and direct content with the company’s publishing team.

Game development students, recent graduates, and newcomers to the hyper-casual scene will be able to participate in the program if they haven’t released a game with another publisher yet.

Students will receive $1000 for the first three prototypes tested by members of Voodoo Academy and up to $3000 for high-potential prototypes.

“We believe that with the right training from Voodoo experts, budding hyper-casual game developers can gain years of experience in only a few months,” Voodoo Academy lead Stanislas Marchand said. “With Voodoo Academy, we are putting this belief into practice by offering a free-to-access pathway for students to learn, share and build long-lasting success with Voodoo’s guidance.”

The program will start via live stream on April 14. Experienced hyper-casual devs, who already work with the company, will also be able to join Voodoo Academy to gain additional knowledge.