ArenaNet co-founder Jeff Strain has announced game development studio Possibility Space, which is now working on an announced AAA title. It is made up of former employees of Valve, Ubisoft, Oculus, and other prominent companies.

Transcend Fund and Louisiana’s Economic Development Fund have already invested in Possibility Space. The financial details remain undisclosed.

The newly formed studio will spend money on its multiplayer AAA project, which is described by Strain as a “joyful game that’s been my dream for many years.” However, the team is not ready to share more details about the title.

Possibility Space is led by Jeff Strain, who also became the studio’s CEO. Prior to that, he co-founded ArenaNet, known for creating MMORPG Guild Wars, and founded Undead Labs, which developed the State of Decay series. Strain also worked on games like StarCraft and World of Warcraft.

Here are developers that have already joined Possibility Space:

  • Jane Ng — visual director and former Valve artist who worked on games like Half-Life: Alyx and Firewatch;
  • Liz England — simulation and narrative systems director who previously worked as lead game designer at Ubisoft Toronto;
  • Brian Jennings — technical design director who previously worked at NZXR;
  • Erica Tam — senior gameplay engineer and former Sledgehammer Games employee;
  • Charles Randall — senior gameplay engineer who previously worked at BioWare and Ubisoft Toronto;
  • Brandon Dillon — vice president of engineering and former product manager at Oculus VR;
  • Leah Rivera — senior narrative systems designer who previously worked at Undead Labs.

The studio’s office is located in New Orleans. Strain, however, stated that Possibility Space is a “distributed game studio,” which means that employees can work and live anywhere in the world. He said that it is an opportunity that a lot of developers were looking for.

Possibility Space is expected to create 75 new permanent jobs in Louisiana with an average salary of $100,000, plus benefits. “We’re building relationships with our team members, and want to give them an environment that’s productive, safe and healthy,” Strain said.