Popular indie game digital platform itch.io, is coming the Epic Games Store as an app. The move will make itch.io’s 200,000 titles available to the Epic Game Store’s 31.3 million active daily users.

“Itch.io is a collection of some of the most unique, interesting, and independent creations you’ll find on the web,” a spokesperson for itch.io told Polygon. “Bringing the itch.io app to the Epic Games Store will give us an opportunity to widen the audience of people who can discover the diverse collection of indie works that we host.”

The itch.io app can be downloaded from the EGS just like any othe app. Users can then launch it and use it independently. Epic will not take a cut of transactions made in the app. Currently, devs whose games are selling on itch.io can determine what percentage of their sales go towards the store.

Looks like the EGS is following through on its intention to become an app store not just limited to games. Last year, Spotify became the first non-gaming app to be added to the EGS.