INDIKA started with an online presence of 1,200 people on Steam

On May 2, Odd Meter studio and publisher 11 bit studios released a PC version of INDIKA, a surreal adventure about a nun in an alternative Russia of the late 19th century. On the day of release, the game attracted 1,200 Steam users at the same time.


By the time the news was written, INDIKA online on Steam had dropped to 488 people, but in the evening and on weekends the figure is sure to grow.

Online INDIKA on Steam

Steam users generally received the game well. They left 255 reviews, 88% of which were enough for her. As a result, INDIKA has a "very positive" rating. As for the gaming press, it rated INDIKA 79 points out of 100.

INDIKA is now available on Steam and GOG. It is also due to be released in the Epic Games Store and on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles by the end of the month.

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