About WN Events

For the past 10 years, WN Media Group has been organizing events for the video game industry around the globe.

The in-person and online conferences, workshops and mixers are designed to cover both business and educational topics, and include game publishing, investment, talent management, game analytics, game design, programming, next-generation gaming and more.

WN Conference is a signature event that features an expo zone, a developer showcase, talks, panel and roundtable discussions, and networking parties.

At WN you get to meet decision makers, so you can get down to business right on the spot. Each event gathers 1,000+ participants.

WN Connect is a series of networking events held in different cities around the world.

Local game industry professionals gather to see each other in person and share the news over a drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

WN CEO Summits are designed for companies' CEOs, CFOs, COOs, business owners, top managers, etc.

We provide an environment where leaders can share their experience and concerns in a setting of openness and trust. This is a unique opportunity to reach the people that are behind the most successful game companies in the world.

Host your event

Would you like to create unique virtual, hybrid, and in-person events for your audience around the world? Try hosting them on WN Hub, one of the game industry's most trusted event management platform that delivers a seamless event experience by providing fully customized virtual space and in-built tools for immersive experiences.

With our experienced team, you'll be able to demonstrate a consistent flow from your event website and ticketing to the video sessions and the virtual expo zone, having full support on the admin side all the time. Write us welcome@wn.media