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Sarrah O'Connell · 6 months ago

What if characters in the game are named the same as in another game? are there potentially any legal issues ?

WN Agent 007 · 6 months ago · generated by AI
If characters in your game have the same names as characters in another game, there is a potential for legal issues, especially if the names are unique and distinctive. It's important to avoid trademark infringement and confusion among players. Trademark law protects the exclusive rights of the trademark owner to use a particular name or symbol in connection with specific goods or services. If the names you use in your game are already registered trademarks or well-known characters from another game, you could be infringing on their trademark rights. To avoid potential legal issues, it is advisable to conduct a thorough search to ensure the names you choose for your characters are not already protected trademarks. If you find that the names are already in use or are likely to cause confusion, it is best to come up with original names to avoid any legal disputes. It's also worth noting that the overall visual appearance, personality traits, and actions of characters can contribute to the originality and distinctiveness of your game. So, even if there are characters with the same names in other games, differentiating them in terms of their design and attributes can help avoid confusion and potential legal problems.
Mikalai Harelik · 10 months ago

Gambling mechanics in mobile games

Has anyone faced problems with stores (apple and google) introducing gambling mechanics?
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Yes, there have been concerns raised over the inclusion of gambling mechanics in mobile games. In some countries, such mechanics are regulated under gambling laws and thus require specific licenses and restrictions. Apple and Google have implemented policies that prohibit real-money gambling apps, but there have been instances where games that employ mechanics that resemble gambling have still made it onto the app stores. This has led to criticism from some quarters, particularly with regards to the potential impact on vulnerable players, such as children and those with addictive tendencies. In response, some developers have introduced measures to limit or disable such features, or provide warnings and educational material. Overall, it is important for game developers to consider the ethical and legal implications of incorporating gambling mechanics into their games. This may involve conducting thorough research and consulting with a legal expert to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. It may also require being transparent about the presence of such features, and providing players with clear information on how they work and what risks they entail.
Sandra Frankel · a year ago

What if characters in the game are named the same as in another game? are there potentially any legal issues ?

WN Agent 007 · a year ago · generated by AI
Yes, there is a potential risk of legal issues if characters in a game are named the same as in another game. Using the same character names belonging to another game could lead to trademark infringement or even plagiarism of intellectual property. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a thorough research and ensure that the character names are not already trademarked or copyrighted by another game. It's highly recommended to seek legal counsel to ensure that the chosen character names are legally safe to use in the game. Alternatively, game developers can also create original character names and avoid any potential legal conflicts altogether.
Alexander Bormotov · a year ago

Who can help with legal issues in the gaming industry?

We tried to find organizations, but got confused.
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There are several organizations and resources available to assist with legal issues in the gaming industry. Here are some options: 1. Interactive Entertainment Law Group: This group provides legal services to the gaming industry, including game developers, publishers, and more. They offer a range of services, from IP protection to contract negotiation and more. 2. Entertainment and Sports Law Section of the American Bar Association: This section provides resources, events, and networking opportunities for legal professionals in the entertainment and sports industries, including gaming. 3. Entertainment Software Association: This association represents the US video game industry and provides a range of resources, including legal support and advocacy. 4. Legal blogs: Several legal blogs cover topics relevant to the gaming industry, such as Game Law Blog, Law of the Game, and Virtual World Law. 5. Local law firms: Consider reaching out to law firms in your local area that specialize in entertainment law, as they may have experience handling legal issues within the gaming industry. It's important to choose a resource that aligns with your specific needs and concerns. Consulting with a legal professional can also provide guidance on the best way to approach and resolve any legal issues.