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二月 19 - 四月 21, 2024
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Meet the Course Author: Vadim Bulatov

Hello everyone!
The gaming industry is huge. In terms of revenue, it is ahead of cinema, sports, and music combined.
Most of the money in the industry comes from free games. The process by which players pay in a free-to-play game is called Live Ops
There is a huge need for Live Ops specialists. There is a direct correlation between the quantity and quality of such specialists and the growth of game income.
Together with the school we created a course that aims to cover all aspects of the routine work of a Live Ops manager. At the same time, he teaches how to bring value to the company by contributing to the growth of profits from the game

Experience and projects
Game development professional with over 12 years of experience in marketing, product management, and game design.
- Worked for Wargaming, Melsoft/Moon Active, Playkot.
- Worked on top-grossing games for mobile devices and PC.
- Experience in full-cycle production (product management, product vision, production, game design, operations).
- Product consulting in casual and midcore games.
- Currently managing live ops, economics, and monetization in the game Age of Magic.

About the course

Together with the school, we present a unique,  original course on Live Ops, which will not only reveal all the intricacies of a manager’s routine but will also teach you how to bring real value to your company by increasing income from games!

🚀Key features:
Designed based on the real needs of a Live Ops manager.
There is a direct correlation between your skill level and the financial growth of the game.

🎓 What you will learn:
All aspects of the routine work of a Live Ops manager.
Ways to bring value to the company and increase profits from the game.

👥 Audience:
Beginners who want to enter the world of the gaming industry.
Experienced professionals looking to improve their skills.

💡 Why this course?
Directly link content to everyday Live Ops tasks.
Focus on creating real value for the company and increasing gaming revenue.
Don't miss the opportunity to take your career in the gaming industry to the next level! 🚀

Course duration 2-2.5 months

Course Outline

Lecture 1. Live ops as the main growth driver for f2p games

Lecture 2. Timeline & Seasonality

Lecture 3. Gaming events and promotions

Lecture 4. Costs and rewards. How to calculate your balance

Lecture 5. How to use analytics in live ops

Lecture 6. AB testing

Lecture 7. Audience segmentation

Lecture 8. Monetization

Lecture 9. Game economy

Lecture 10. Game content management

Lecture 11. Player loyalty management

Lecture 12. Features of Live Ops in casual and midcore games

Lecture 13. Live Ops features. Documentation & Requirements

Lecture 14. Configs, validations, tests. Engineering tasks and QA in live ops

Lecture 15. How live ops managers screw up and how to prevent it

Lecture 16. How to Bring Value to a Project on a Live Ops Team
the final block of the program is the deconstruction

The final block is the projects deconstruction

Course Details

💪 Recorded lectures on each topic
💪 Homework assignments after each lecture
💪 Networking: communication with students of the course in a general chat
💪 Presentation decks for lectures and useful course materials are freely available

Additional bonuses:
💪 Recommendations from the author on improving your LinkedIn profile
💪 Softskills Development Plan (on request)

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