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四月 8 - 六月 8, 2024
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The online platform availability: 四月 8 - 六月 8, 2024


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Meet the Course Author:

Viktor Kudriavtsev

11 years in management, and 6 years in the video game industry. Started as a manager, then worked as a game designer, and eventually grew into a producer.

Currently working at Wargaming as a Senior Content Delivery Manager (content producer). I also provide personal consultations and mentorship in game development: helping individuals break into the industry, plan their career path, and achieve their goals.
For over 3 years, I have been teaching various disciplines at major online schools and universities:

  • Game Project Management (managing cross-functional teams, planning)
  • Game Design (basic course in game design)
  • Production (recruitment and hiring, budgeting, risk and crisis management)

During my time as a producer, I have worked on more than 20 projects of various scales and genres, including:

  • PS5 Games: Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Marvel's Wolverine (visual content delivery, documentation creation, and quality control)
  • MMO and session games: World of Warships, Blood of Heroes: Smite (working with cross-teams, project management, budgeting)
  • Top Mobile Games: YAHTZEE with Buddies, Sweet Escapes (coordinating the production of visual content for seasonal events)ㅤ

Have worked at studios such as Wargaming, Decartel, Long Tale Games, Farcana, 1518 Studios.

Have coordinated a team of 120 people and managed budgets of up to $500k/month on projects, increasing the company's net profit by 20%+.

Have built a team from scratch and successfully developed a custom game, as well as implemented a personal project. I have participated in game jams and indie game development.

About the course

Many professionals in the game development industry dream of becoming producers, but not everyone understands what it takes and what it entails.
The Game Producer course is designed to systematize your knowledge in game development and enhance your expertise.

The main topics I will cover in practical lectures include:ㅤ

  • Producer responsibilities and other team members
  • Vision and game creation process
  • Team formation
  • Budgeting
  • High-level management
  • Job search and hiring specialists

I, along with my colleagues, will discuss this and much more in live lectures with the opportunity to discuss everything live or in the course chat, with no monotonous monologues or boring presentations.

See you at the course!

Who will benefit from the course and when?

First and foremost, the course is aimed at practicing producers who want to expertly grow and expand their experience.

Experienced Producers

Even experienced professionals face career crises and a desire to enhance their expertise. The course will allow you to systematize your existing knowledge and broaden your professional vision, adapting to new projects or changing companies.

Aspiring Producers

The course will help alleviate imposter syndrome and make you more confident by providing a clear understanding of your role and the ability to plan your career future.

Game Designers and Game Project Managers

You will understand how to grow into a producer and whether it is right for you. It's a comprehensive role that combines various backgrounds. Producers are not born, they become producers, usually from game project managers or game designers.

The course will also be useful for:

  • Game development professionals who want to better understand the work of producers and the team
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the role of a producer or plans to become a producer

Common scenarios when the course will be useful

  • Advancement within your current company (to a producer role or from roles like project manager or game designer)
  • Transition from one market to another (e.g., from mobile game development to PC)
  • Transition from one type of project to another (e.g., you've been making indie games and want to get into AAA projects)
  • Changing companies (often the only way to grow, as you've already reached the ceiling)
  • Desire to quickly and effectively understand the role of a game producer

Course Outline

Topic 1. Who is a producer? What types of producers exist?
Topic 2. The path to becoming a producer – possible career tracks and case studies (with real examples)
Topic 3. Game development stages: from vision to execution
Topic 4. Management and team: specifics of game development
Topic 5. Budget and P&L of studios and projects
Topic 6. Risk and crisis management
Topic 7. Monetization and creativity in game projects
Topic 8. How to learn to be a producer?
Topic 9. Job search and hiring specialists
Topic 10. Product release (summary and Q&A)

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