How to become a successful recruiter in the gaming industry

March 11 - April 14, 2024
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The online platform availability: March 11 - April 14, 2024


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The course is presented by the WN Talents recruitment agency

Recruiting agency WN Talents has been specializing in recruiting employees for industry companies for more than 5 years and has extensive and successful experience in this area.
WN Talents is also the organizer of the HR game development community and the initiator of regular meetings of HR specialists in the gaming industry, holding HR Conference, HR Awards specifically for game development companies.

Meet the course instructors:

Marina Lopatina - Business Development Director at the WN Talents recruitment agency with over 15 years of experience in HR and recruitment. She has professionally shaped the agency's structure from its inception, ensuring its successful entry into the international market.

Elena Titova - Recruitment Lead at the WN Talents recruitment agency. An experienced and successful HR professional and recruitment specialist with over 10 years of experience, including work in international markets.ㅤ

About the course:

This course is designed for aspiring IT recruiters and those looking to enter IT recruitment and the gaming industry. It is tailored for individuals seeking to understand the nuances of game development, aspiring to become recruiters in the gaming industry, and work on exciting projects in a creative and dynamic environment. Participants will learn and practice interview and negotiation techniques, as well as the intricacies of sourcing qualified professionals worldwide, guided by representatives from the WN Talents recruitment agency.ㅤ

Course duration: 1 monthㅤ

Course details:

Intensive 1-month program with one recorded lecture per week on Mondays and a 1.5-hour webinar every Wednesday at 13:00 UTC+3.

The course is tailored for small groups - up to 8 people per group.ㅤ

Course outline:

Week 1:
Module 1: Introduction to video game industry
Lecture №1 by Marina Lopatina

  • Industry overview: history and current state of the gaming industry
  • Types of companies in game development
  • Job positions in game development

Webinar: 1.5 hours on Wednesday by Marina Lopatina

  • Overview of unique requirements and criteria for candidates in the gaming industry
  • Understanding studio and team cultures, recruitment specifics for startups and large studios
  • Interaction with hiring managers

Week 2:
Module 2: Recruitment Specialization in the video game industry
Lecture #2 by Elena Titova

  • Sourcing in game development: sources, specifics, email templates, and communication
  • The role of modern technologies in international recruitment processes
  • Tools for effective candidate search and evaluation

Webinar: 1.5 hours on Wednesday by Elena Titova

  • Practical exercises to find candidates for specific positions
  • Practice of boolean queries and other techniques

Week 3:
Lecture №3 by Elena Titova

  • Interviews and skills assessment
  • Interview techniques in the gaming industry
  • Evaluation of technical and creative skills of candidates

Webinar: 1.5 hours on Wednesday by Elena Titova

  • Interview conducting training
  • Practical exercises

Week 4
Module 3: Networking and professional development
Lecture №4 by Marina Lopatina

  • Role of professional events and conferences in game development
  • Building connections and networking in the industry
  • Differences in recruitment across countries and regions
  • Influence of cultural differences on personnel recruitment

Webinar: 1.5 hours on Wednesday by Marina Lopatina

  • Practice in negotiations and selling job opportunities to candidates and companies
  • Role-playing activities

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