Lessons of the Xbox 20

十一月 16, 2021
WN Seattle & North America'21
Dean Takahashi
lead writer for GamesBeat
Ed Fries
General Partner

Fireside Chat - Lessons of the Xbox 20

Ed Fries, General Partner, 1UP Ventures
Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat

As Xbox hits its 20th anniversary, it's a good time to remember what a fragile enterprise it was at its beginning and the people who made it happen. Now the business is generating huge profits and revenues each year, and its ecosystem has never been so strong. What were the inspirations and tactics that got it off the ground? Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat, wrote a book about the making of the Xbox. talks with Ed Fries, who ran Microsoft Game Studios at the time and went on to found 1Up Ventures to invest in game studios. They will talk about the lessons of the Xbox for today's game industry.

The WN Seattle'21 conference — November 16-17, 2021