Futura Talks

Январь-Апрель 2024
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Онлайн платформа доступна: 12 января - 30 апреля, 2024


Futura.talks is a series of educational videos aimed at breaking down complex tax&legal topics into understandable language. We exchange knowledge and insights regarding legal, tax, and organizational strategies specifically tailored to assist companies involved in game development and other creative industries

Taxation in the United Arab Emirates

In the first episode of Futura.talks we explain the main UAE tax rules that apply to digital businesses - in simple language and with relevant cases.

We explore the following topics:
1. Corporate Income Tax (tax periods, rates, application of CIT to Free Zone Companies, IP-Box regime)
2. Withholding Tax and foreign tax credit
3. Value Added Tax Essentials for Digital Goods and Services Stay tuned for the new Futura.talks episodes!

Alina Davletshina

Head of Futura.Digital

Alexandra Kurdiumova

Сo-founder of Futura