Last night Ubisoft published a report for the fiscal year ended March 31. In it, the company reported significant operating losses and interest in AI.

▪️Ubisoft’s losses amounted to €585.8 million. A year earlier, the company reported an operating profit of €241.5 million.

▪️Sales fell by 14.6% to €1.8 billion. Net receipts (net bookings) decreased by 18.3% to €1.74 billion.

▪️Ubisoft began to earn more on mobile games: the share of revenue from mobile increased from 9% to 31%. At the same time, the share of receipts from consoles decreased from 60% to 40%, and the share of receipts from PCs — from 26% to 18%.

Since September 2022, more than 700 people have left Ubisoft amid restructuring. According to the company’s CFO, 80% of former employees have written a letter of resignation of their own volition.

▪️Ubisoft plans to increase the number of Assassin’s Creed developers by 40% in the coming years. Now about 2 thousand specialists are working on the games of the series.

▪️Ubisoft intends to “lead the transformation” of the gaming industry associated with the introduction of AI in game development. The company stated that it has everything it needs for this: extensive experience in the field of gaming technologies, more than 20 years of assets and data, as well as a rich portfolio.