Nekki: "The new Unity policy can increase our expenses by 50 times"

Many developers have spoken sharply about Unity’s new pricing policy. One of them was Dmitry Terekhin, the founder of Nekki.

On LinkedIn, Terekhin said that the mobile games industry has been experiencing difficulties for several years. She had to face bans in China, IDFA restrictions on iOS and other things. The Unity initiative, Terekhin writes, “hammers the last nail into the coffin lid.”

The founder of Nekki pointed out that popular games in which there is no aggressive monetization will suffer the most from the updated Unity business model.

“Now the creation of a successful and high—quality game is, in fact, a punishment. Our motto at Nekki is “Making games worth sharing.” We were glad that players love our games and share them with friends, thanks to which we received an impressive billion downloads. The new Unity policy may increase our expenses by 50 times, as a result of which revenues in some countries will fall by 50-100%,” Terekhin wrote.

At the end of his post, Terekhin expressed hope that Unity would listen to criticism and soften the policy.

Terekhin published a statement before Unity tried to dispel the concerns of developers in a comment to Axios. In it, we recall, the company indicated that it would not take into account re-installations of games and would not impose a new fee on demos and games distributed on a charitable basis, although not without conditions.


Dmitry Terekhin
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