At the Paradox Deep Dive presentation dedicated to the company’s business processes, Paradox Interactive shared statistics on its games over the past ten years. She told which projects managed to become profitable, and which ones did not.

▪️Failed games: Dungeonland, War of the Vikings, Warlock 2, Knights of Pen & Paper 2, Imperator: Rome and Empire of Sin.

▪️Games that went to zero: Pillars of Eternity and Shadowrun Trilogy.

Profitable games: Cities in Motion 2, Empire, March of the Eagles, The Showdown Effect, Leviathan: Warships, Magicka 2, Tyranny, Steel Division: Normandy 44, Surviving Mars, BattleTech, Prison Architect, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Surviving the Aftermath, Victoria 3 and Age of Wonders 4.

Paradox has placed “endless” games in a separate category, around which an active community of gamers has formed and in which the company invests money even years after the release. There are only five of them: Europa Universalis IV, Cities: Skylines, Hearts of Iron IV, Stellaris and Crusader Kings III. The company hopes that in the future, a number of “endless” games will also include Victoria 3 and Age of Wonders 4.

Paradox also noted that over the past ten years, 47% of its games have not reached release. She “killed” some of them at the stage of concept development.