In the USA, a lawsuit was filed against Nintendo. The company was accused of unfair and immoral use of gacha mechanics in the mobile game Mario Kart Tour.

According to Axios, the author of the lawsuit is the father of a minor gamer. He claims that Nintendo deliberately misled Mario Kart Tour users and pushed them to buy so-called “pipes” for real money (after buying them, gamers randomly received drivers, maps or gliders). The lawsuit also notes that young gamers are particularly susceptible to such mechanics.

According to the father, his child spent more than $170 on Mario Kart Tour using his parents’ credit card. Now the plaintiff demands that Nintendo return to him and all other minors from the USA the money spent in the game.

Important: In October 2022, Nintendo removed gacha from Mario Kart Tour. Instead, she opened an in-game store where gamers can buy items for in-game currency.